What are the benefits of green coffee bean extract?

benefitsCoffee is a must first thing in the morning but when it comes to weight loss, green coffee is creating a buzz that’s from more than just caffeine. Gaining in popularity, green coffee extract is getting a lot of press for being a new metabolic wonder drug – only it’s natural rather than a mess of synthetic chemicals. Made from the very same beans as the coffees and lattes that we all enjoy, green coffee bean extract benefits can include the boost in energy and metabolism rate that many people struggling to lose weight and get in better shape are looking for.

Green coffee is precisely what it sounds like – the un-roasted, still-green beans harvested from the Coffea plant, where we get the beans for our morning brew. Coffee is filled with hundreds of compounds, not only caffeine, and many of them are highly beneficial to the human body. One of these chemicals is chlorogenic acid. Roasting coffee beans for drinking and consumption drastically reduces the presence of chlorogenic acid, which is thought to have health benefits for diabetes, heart disease, and even weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract benefits come from chlorogenic acid and many other chemicals found in raw beans harvested from the Coffea plant. The natural caffeine from coffee in addition to some of these natural compounds can aid in metabolic stability, which can do wonders for blood sugar levels, energy, and weight loss potential. Chlorogenic acid is shown to fight type II diabetes by balancing glucose levels in the body. There are even benefits to be found for hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure.

Clinical studies have demonstrated weight loss in patients over time (8 to 12 weeks) and side effects are minimal. Generally any reported side effects are the same as those from caffeine, which is also present in green coffee extracts. These effects include restlessness, stomach upset, or headache but occur very mildly across many subjects. Side effects presented are really no different from drinking 24 or more ounces of brewed coffee a day.

Green coffee is also an excellent source of highly concentrated antioxidants. These free-radical battling chemicals are an excellent addition to any healthy diet and wellness plan. Of the two varieties of coffee, Robusta and Arabica, Arabica is the higher quality bean and contains higher amounts of antioxidants. When shopping for green coffee bean extract benefits, supplements sourced from Arabica beans are best. Coffee beans are frequently treated with pesticides in an aggressive fashion so organic Arabica beans, while expensive, offer the greatest possible benefits.

While there are claims that green coffee is a wonder substance and that no exercise or diet changes are required to lose weight while taking it, studies show that the best effects are found when subjects combine green coffee extract with a healthy lifestyle. Green coffee bean extract benefits do include a metabolic boost and a high antioxidant load, which can aid in a wide range of preventative care. The side effects are luckily very minimal with a quality extract so taking green coffee as a supplement in addition to diet and exercise is sure to give your body a much-needed assist.

Green coffee bean extract benefits are certainly plentiful. While there have not been extensive clinical studies of green coffee just yet, the early studies show it is a supplement with helpful benefits and very few side effects (none of which you couldn’t get from getting too many coffee refills). For a supplement that’s good for your heart, you blood sugar, and your energy levels, green coffee extract is worth adding to your regimen.

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