Green Coffee Bean Extract: Safety details!

green coffee bean safetyThe primary reason for taking green coffee bean extract is weight reduction, and dieters are notoriously impatient to achieve results.  Consequently, the possibility of over consumption is real.  The thinking goes that the product is “natural” and therefore can only be good for you, but this is not true.

What’s In Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The lack of standardization in the production of dietary supplements like green coffee bean extract makes it difficult for consumers to know what they are getting when they make a purchase.  Caffeine is a natural component of coffee beans, so extracts of those beans contain a higher concentration of caffeine.  Many manufacturers of green coffee bean extract discount the notion that caffeine is dramatically increased in their products by equating the amount of caffeine per dose to a fraction a cup of coffee.

Safety Concerns

Many people limit their intake of coffee because of the way it makes them feel after a certain number of cups, or after a certain hour of the day.  Too much coffee can inhibit sleep.  It follows that concentrated doses of caffeine can cause a number of side effects.  It has been found that side effects can include: headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, anxiety, and nervousness.  Concentrated caffeine can also prompt an irregular heartbeat.

These side effects can be more pronounced in someone who has a pre-existing condition, whether or not it has been diagnosed.  Withdrawal symptoms are also a concern whenever taking a caffeine based weight-loss supplement.  The possible dangers here, when one stops taking the supplements, are just as real as when one starts.  Withdrawal symptoms can include: fatigue, depression, loss of concentration, increased nervousness, and headaches.  Again, these possible side effects and withdrawal symptoms are not specific to green coffee bean extract, but to all caffeine-based dietary supplements, so the possibility of them occurring with green coffee bean extract should be considered.

A general concern when taking any dietary supplement is that they can react with other supplements in unexpected ways.  Additionally, many prescription medications do not react well with caffeine, so this is a possible down-side to the use of weight loss supplements by consumers who are already taking prescription medications.

Playing it Safe

If considering the use of green coffee bean extract as a dietary supplement, or any other supplement, consult your doctor prior to beginning.  Seek advice as to alternate methods of weight loss, determine how any medications that are currently being taken will react with the supplement, and get a general check-up, to ensure that there are no pre-existing conditions that could inhibit the use of the extract.

Verifying the ingredients is one of the easiest things that can be done to ensure that the extract that is being purchased is of the highest available quality.  Ensure that the list of ingredients and supplemental fact panel are visible and review them.  The ingredients should include only:  1) pure green coffee bean extract, and 2) a vegetarian capsule.  If there are any fillers or artificial ingredients listed, look for a different product.

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