Weight loss can be easier with the aid of chlorogenic acid!

chlorogenic acidGreen coffee bean extract is one of the more recent additions to the diet and weight loss supplements on the market. It may be the new kid on the block but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. In fact, preliminary studies are showing it to be a helpful addition to a healthy lifestyle, a good boost for anyone trying to make better choices, and a supplement that offers plenty of benefits with very minimal side effects. Packed with antioxidants – especially one called chlorogenic acid – green coffee extract looks a lot like a powerhouse of health benefits in an easy supplement to take.

Unlike a lot of other chemical synthetic blends on the market, green coffee extract is a naturally occurring substance found in the humble coffee bean. This is the very same bean that is picked, roasted, ground, and brewed into mugs every single day. The difference is that green coffee beans are the raw, un-roasted beans that still have all of their chemical compounds in tact.

Roasting coffee beans, as with cooking any number of other food items, may improve the taste but kills off lots of the beneficial substances locked away in the beans. Chlorogenic acid, is a plant-based compound that occurs in tandem with caffeine and is the powerhouse antioxidant that green coffee boasts lots of, is greatly reduced in roasted beans. The roasting process actually breaks the compound down so that very low levels are found in roasted coffee. For a concentrated dose of this health boosting compound, a quality green coffee supplement can deliver lots of antioxidants to the body, where they can do their good work.

There are a host of benefits that come from adding chlorogenic acid from green coffee into your regimen. Studies show that the antioxidant benefits heart health, helps prevent and battle type II diabetes, balances out blood sugar levels, fights free radicals in the body, and gives a boost of energy. It may even slow the absorption of glucose into the body, possibly preventing fat storage for the long term. For anyone looking to lose or maintain a current weight, or to stave off diabetes or blood sugar issue, chlorogenic acid may be one piece in the puzzle to evening out problematic blood sugar levels.

Recent studies of green coffee extract on subjects looking to lose weight link chlorogenic acid to promising results. Without adjusting calories or fat intake, many of the subjects lost between 8 and 15 pounds over the course of the 22-week study. Not all of the subjects lost weight and some lost upwards of 25 pounds. Green coffee extract is by no means a miracle drug but it does appear to be a beneficial supplement for most people who wish to lose weight.

While caffeine surely plays a role in energy levels and metabolic boosts, doctors don’t believe that it alone is responsible for the impressive results of green coffee extract weight loss studies. Because the antioxidant chlorogenic acid may have an effect on glucose absorption in the body, many of the subjects may have responded very well to slowing or all but stopping the process of long term fat storage taking place in their bodies. Early studies show promise but more clinical studies need to be done to more fully understand the effects of green coffee bean.

Weight loss can be easier with the aid of chlorogenic acid, found in high quality green coffee extract. As a supplement with many potential benefits but very few demonstrated side effects, green coffee looks to be a safe and helpful supplement to add in to any diet and exercise plan.

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